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DIY Bride

Great DIY Websites!

We just went to our second Bridal Bazaar as a wedding vendor and had a very successful show.  There were many great vendors at the show and even more brides and grooms. 
I always try to design my own booth to reflect what I think a bride might like and might be able to afford.  It also displays my creativity and abilities to craft and create.  I do love the David Tutera type weddings I think they are beautiful but sometimes, well most times, they just aren't practical.

Personalized Table Names or Numbers

I am working with a bride who wants to name her tables with photos.  I was doing some research on how to make this a DIY project to help save on cost and came across this website.
It is really easy to use.  I downloaded the trial and made a sample.  Once you load your photo and your table name you can print this on photo paper or nice card stock paper and make it a tent table name or one that you put in a stand. 
Here is my sample.  I just took a picture of one of my children to play with.

DIY Helpful Ideas

Are you ready to start working on your seating chart but don't know where to start?  Not wanting to do it on the computer?  I am a hands on kind of person sometimes I don't like to work on the computer either.
How about this idea?
                              Source:Something Turquoise
                                        Photo Source:

Be A Fit Bride

                               Source Sue Flemming & Buff Fitness
                                        Double click to check out the book!

DIY Wedding Favors

Hi all, I was pinning today on Pinterest and came across some really cute wedding favors that wouldn't run into too much of an expense.  At the end of a reception when we are cleaning up I am always happy when all of the party favors have been opened and eaten or taken away to enjoy.  Try to think of something small that you would enjoy in your home or enjoy to eat.  You can never go wrong with food.
I am doing a photo shoot of a tablescape for a magazine this weekend and I think I will incorporate these cookies to the table.